Orders: Ukraine

Orders: Ukraine

by Brendan B. McBreen

How will the Marine Corps fight in the future?
What should we be learning from the war in Ukraine?
How should we update our training and doctrine to prepare us for modern, high-intensity, ground combat?
And how do advanced enemy threats – UAS, SIGINT, long-range precision fires, and MANPADS – change the way we fight?

Orders: Ukraine examines the best practices for defensive operations by infantry units on the future battlefield. Using a recent, real-world battle in Ukraine as a case study, each chapter of this book examines the defensive orders on one Marine unit – battalion, company, platoon, and squad – blocking a road to prevent enemy access through a rural village.

Illustrated with example orders and map diagrams, and grounded in both U.S. Army and Marine Corps doctrine, Orders: Ukraine clearly explains recommended SOPs, common errors, and unit best practices for modern defensive operations.

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