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Night Warrior

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2nd Battalion, 5th Marines


Infantry Skills Training


2/5 Belleau Wood

2/5 Guadalcanal

2/5 Peleliu

2/5 Inchon

2/5 Hue City

2/5 Desert Storm

2/5 OIF

2/5 History

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Infantry Leader Skills

Infantry Units


Combat Orders

Infantry Unit SOPs

PME Battle Studies

Verbal Order Techniques


“Ten Years of TDGs


“All Stations, this is Kodiak…”



Infantry Battalion SOP

Infantry Company SOP
Infantry Platoon SOP


Helicopter SOP

Tank-Infantry SOP


Vehicle Marking SOP

Task Force Smith PME


TDG: 3rd AD in COBRA

Op Husky: Sicily

6th Panzer Division 1941


How to Study a Battle



Fighting Positions

Night Warrior

Unit Cohesion

Individual Positions


Fire Team Positions


Squad Fighting Positions


Why the DePuy Position?


Seven Sandbag Sector

 I: Night Warrior Handbook

II: Night Combat in Infantry Units


“Night Attack on Hill 163”


Night Equipment Distribution Lists



“The Strength of the Wolf…”


“Improving Unit Cohesion…”

Research on Unit Cohesion

Articles for Infantry Leaders

Tank – Infantry

Tactical Decision-Making

“Suppression is Critical…”

“Brilliance in the Basics…”


“Five Rounds”

“Fire Team Rush?”


“Infantry Combat”
“Not a Good Day to Die”

Tank-Infantry SOP


Tank-Infantry in Fallujah


Research on Tank-Infantry



How to Lead Decisionmaking

“I Want To Be ‘Ender’”


Readings on Decisionmaking

Notes on War Games


Close Combat Marine Workbook


Close Combat and Learning…”
“Training for Decisionmaking

Infantry Leader Presentations

Notes for Infantry Leaders

Training Management

Six Tips for Company  COs


Ten Tips for Intel Officers


The Combat Leader as Trainer

The Primacy of Training

What is a PME Plan?

How to Study a Battle





The Foot March

Individual Combat Load


Fundamentals of Doctrine





PME: How to Plan Training


“One Year to Train”

“Project Kelvin”

How to Write a QTP


Battalion Training SOP
Company Training SOP




Infantry Tactics for Leaders

Squad Leader Training

Infantry Leader Skills

Anti-Tank Tactics

Bounding Overwatch

Control of Fires

Infantry Assault

Infantry Attack

Infantry Defense

Machinegun Defense

Mortar Tactics

Mechanized Infantry

Squad Leader…Difference

How to Train Your Squad

Training Block: How to Train

Warfighting Cliff Notes

Tactics Cliff Notes


NCO Reading List

A Message to Garcia


Build an Engagement Area


Target Designation


General Zinni at AWS


The PLGR Primer

Ranger Beads

Classic Infantry Tactics Articles

War Stories

Infantry in Urban Terrain

Rise of the Emma Gees


Defence of Duffer’s Drift

War Stories I


War Stories II

FM 3-06.11 Urban Terrain…


MCWP 3-35.3 MOUT


MCWP 3-11.3 Patrolling…




Organizational Change

Training Improvements

FM 3-24 Counterinsurgency

Military Innovation



FM 3-24 Counterinsurgency


Notes on FM 3-24


“Neo-Classical Counterinsurgency?”


Small Wars Journal

“Fundamental Change is Free”

“People and Innovation”


Readings on Military Innovation

Readings on Change Management


The Innovator’s Dilemma

Good to Great


“The Age of Social Transformation”

“Age the Marine Corps”

“This is NOT Daddy’s Draftee Army”


“Squad Size Doesn’t Matter”


“Squad Leaders Up!”

Raise Squad Leaders

MCWL Squad Leader Course

Advisors: Lessons from Vietnam

Lean Training at Parris Island

Parris Island

A Bright Shining Lie


Advice and Support…

Bureaucracy Does…

The Betrayal

Learn to See Waste
Twenty-Four Percent Training?

Lean Training Ideas

The Hidden Cost of Re-Training

Small Companies Shoot Better

Standard Company Size

90% Rifle Range Qualification

Barracks Capacity

Lean Training at Parris Island

I: Uniform Posters
II: History Posters

III: Combat Skills Posters

IV: Core Values Posters


The Few and The Proud


Map of Parris Island

Advisors: Training Foreign Armies

Lean Training References

Parris Island History: World War II

JP 3-07.1 Foreign Internal Defense

Lean for Dummies

Lean Thinking


Lean Six Sigma for Service


The Goal


1941: PISC Post Cards – Part I


1942: PISC Post Cards – Part II

1942: PISC Post Cards – Part III

1945: PISC Post Cards – Part IV


Night Warrior

Notes for Infantry Leaders

Combat Orders

Training Management

PME Battle Studies



Small Wars Journal



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